By Lemi Ren

Move Your Life

A book to motivate you

A lot of us identify with words like these. We are unhappy with our lives, we feel stressed, and even worse, we feel as if nothing is going according to plan.

There was a time when you had plans, you had hopes and dreams of living a better life, a different life. That didn’t happen and you don’t know why.

It’s time to take back your life

This book is for the many of us who feel stuck. We want more, we deserve more, but how do we reach for it? Start right here with Move Your Life. End the disappointments, stop feeling as if you are the underdog. If you are dissatisfied with your life, do something about it. Grab a hold of the reins and start today to move your life.

Motivation Author

Lemi Ren

Lemi Ren is an avid Long Islander who sees writing as a way of life. On any given day, you will find her doing one of two things: On her kindle lost in the pages of her latest read, or writing.  She hopes the books she writes will inspire and motivate her readers.

Lemi write because it allows her to share ideas and inspiration that can enhance and change lives, including her own. Anyone who purchase a book publish by Lemi will find that her words can change lives even just a little.

 Thanks for your support and purchasing Lemi Ren’s books.

Other Books

Look no further, within the pages of this book; you will find tips you can use today that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Choose one tip, or apply all, to get the results you want, whether it’s weight loss, or just optimal health.


“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

– Toni Morrison

My Latest Project!

Coming in 2021

Roadmap For Getting What You Want


Start with making a choice. We can either choose to stay where we are and continue with our mediocre lives, or we can make a conscious choice to move in the direction of what we truly want. Let’s be real, conscious choices are hard. If it was easy, more of us would be living our dreams.

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